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Social Media and Me

One of the main ways I interact with the world now is through social media. As I said in my little welcome note, my friends are now spread out all over the globe and keeping in contact with them gets increasingly harder as the days go by. Only through social media posts, instant messages of dumb videos, and group chats are we able to keep the constant contact we once had living in the same city. I can’t run over to my friend’s house with cookies I made, so a photo will have to do. The news of our daily lives is broadcast for the world to see – with filters attached. How does any of this relate to Pippin? I’ll get there, I promise.

Take a look at my instagram here. That isn’t really me, the same way your feed isn’t really you. Yes, it is a version of us. The version of us we want the world to see. That comes with its own challenges, but is overall ok in the balance of everything else we do in the world. We aren’t in the ‘normal world’. Our entire world is how we present or see others online, something studies have shown to be damaging. That effects both how we see others, but also how we see the world or where we fit in it. See where I am going with this?

Pippin shows us what happens when we want to be more than what we really are. That we could keep going and going without finding any fulfillment. Happiness is the simple loves we hold onto that are tangible and real. The hug of a mother or a journey to save a loved pet. Yet, those simple joys are EXACTLY what we are missing right now. So, we turn to the glitz and glamor of social media to try and fill the hole.

Yet, in the shadows, there are people fighting against this using the very system.


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